Letter from Santa Claus

Original letter from Santa. Congratulate your child in original way. Select and order a congratulatory letter or postcard. The point is that you should not go anywhere and to think something out. Just chose the suitable variant of congratulations in the catalogue – and we undertake all the rest. All you need is to print out the letter in appropriate time and to give it to your child  with  other gifts.

Corporate greeting from Santa

Congratulate your subordinates. Make an order for greetings and Santa will congratulate them by e-mail personally. It’s the perfect way to declare Christmas bonuses and gifts to workers who have worked faithfully for a year. Be in trend and prestige among your peers and subordinates with our service.

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We send greeting e-mails. Present a FAIRY TALE TO YOUR CHILD. Just imagine the delight and happiness of your child when it sees a letter from Santa Claus, addressed personally to him

Letter from Santa Claus

Create a letter of congratulations of A4 standard format. You print it out and pack it in an envelope. Your child finds and rejoice.

School New Year party

You are the member of parent committee in the school or kindergarten where your child goes and you wonder how to congratulate the children? Order original greeting cards and letters.

Corporate greetings

You think about how to congratulate your staff, and how to declare the Christmas bonuses to the best of them? - It is much easier to do with our services. Order congratulations, provide some details - and we will do all the rest for you.

Letter from Santa's assistant

Do you want your child to be more obedient?! Santa’s assistant will write a letter which will tell the child how it should behave for Santa to give him gifts.

Your child - Santa's assistant

A letter from the Embassy of Santa tells the child that he/she is invited to become a personal assistant of Santa. Santa Claus needs exactly your child answers several important questions. And as a sign of gratitude, the child may ask for a gift from Santa.

The best letter to Santa Claus

Immerse your child in a Christmas mood. Let him write a letter to Santa and send to a special e-mail. The author of the letter which Santa Claus likes best of all will be awarded by a special gift set. Do not miss the opportunity to please your child with his/her own results.

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